Andrews To Vote First, Napthine To Concede At The Eighth Hour

Daniel Andrews will be the most eager of the two leaders to get the election over and done with tomorrow according to online bookmaker
With Labor the short $1.13 favourite to win the election, and Sportsbet having already paid out on their victory, Andrews is expected to cast his vote first at $1.70 ahead of Napthine at $2.05.
His zealousness looks justified, as Denis is a $2.50 favourite to make his conceding speech between 7pm and 8pm on Saturday night at $2.50.
The count being drawn out into the early hours of Sunday is a large outsider in the market, after midnight paying $15.
Sportsbet are also betting on the tie colours chosen by the two leaders but don’t expect any flamboyant decisions as both of their parties colours (Red & Blue) are $1.10 shots.
“We’ll obviously be watching the results with great interest after paying out over $100,000 early but thankfully the odds indicate the count will be over quicker than a Black Caviar race,” said‘s Will Byrne.
2014 Victorian State Election Winner
$1.13   Labor             
$5.50   Liberals           
First Leader to cast their vote
$1.70   Daniel Andrews
$2.05  Denis Napthine
What time will Napthine concede?
$8.00   6pm to 7pm
$2.50   7.01pm – 8pm
$4.00   8.01pm – 9pm
$6.00   9.01pm – 10pm
$8.00   10.01pm – 11pm
$12      11.01pm – 12am
$15      After midnight
What colour tie will Andrews wear
$1.10   Red
$10     Purple
$11     Blue
$12     Green
$13     Brown
$14     Pink
$15      Silver
$16     Grey
$17     Yellow
$26     Black
$41     Australian Flag design
$51     Black with CMFEU slogan
What colour tie will Napthine wear
$1.10   Blue
$9.00  Green
$10      Gold
$11     Purple 
$12     Silver 
$15     Grey
$16     Pink
$21     Rainbow
$31     Red

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