Punter Places $20,000 Bet On Labor

One customer with online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au is extremely confident in Daniel Andrews’ Labor winning the election next Saturday after placing a massive $20,000 bet with the bookie at odds of $1.16.

Labor have now shortened into $1.14 while the Liberals are out from $4.50 to $5.00.

“Andrews and Napthine are both on the lookout for endorsements but money talks – a $20,000 wager is the greatest sign you’re over the line,” said sportsbet.com.au‘s Will Byrne.

2014 Victorian State Election Winner
$1.14               Labor              
(in from $1.16) 
$5.00               Liberals           (out from $4.50)

Meanwhile, Sportsbet has opened betting on how many Victorians will show up to vote next Saturday with 92.51% to 93% the $2.75 favourite in the market.

Falling below the 92% benchmark, which would reap a nice early windfall in payments made to an incoming government, is paying $6.00.

While an eager public response of over 94% to either kick out the current government or show an overwhelming display of support is offered at $13.

“Victorians really don’t mess around when it comes to casting a vote – either they’re extremely passionate about politics or just a bit tight with cash!” sportsbet.com.au‘s Will Byrne said.

Voter Turnout

$6.00   Under 92%

$3.50   92.00% – 92.50%

$2.75   92.51% – 93.00%   

$3.75   93.01% – 93.50%

$7.00   93.51% – 94.00%

$13      Over 94%

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