Punters Rally Late For The Coalition

Online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au may have counted their Daniel Andrews chickens before they hatched, reporting a late surge in money for Denis Napthine’s Coalition.
Having already paid out early on a Labor victory, they have now eased in the betting for the first time in weeks, moving from $1.13 to $1.19 while the Coalition’s chances of victory increase from $5.50 into $4.50.
But the egg is still very much in the frying pan at those odds, so much so that Sportsbet has begun taking bets on Napthine’s future with $1.67 on offer that he’ll resign by Monday.
“We’re getting a bit hot under the collar looking at the bets coming through for Napthine’s team. If the Coalition were to win we’d be forking out close to half a million overall having jumped the gun by paying out early on Labor,” said sportsbet.com.au‘s Will Byrne.
2014 Victorian State Election Winner
$1.19   Labor            
$4.50   Liberals          
Will Napthine resign before Monday?
$1.67   Yes
$2.20   No

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